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Promise Keeper

God The Promise Keeper Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

For as many as are the promises of God, they all find their Yes [answer] in Him [Christ]. For this reason we also utter the Amen (so be it) to God through Him [in His Person and by His agency] to the glory of God. (2 Corinthians 1:20 Amplified Bible)

Lord, please forgive me where I have thought trusting in men to keep their word was somehow the same as trusting in You. Only hope in You suffices and has the power to bring dreams to fulfillment. You use men to bring things about; but, when one fails, You are not limited in any way. Forgive me for limiting You to my sometimes quite narrow understanding.

I choose to release all those I have held to unrealistic expectations thereby, setting myself up for disappointment and even resentment. I know there have been many times I have failed to keep my word for I am human just like those who have failed me. I choose to walk in and release grace; for I know my heart and life are in Your hands. Nothing is impossible with You. Therefore, I exchange all doubt for faith, all blame for forgiveness and all anxiety for peace. I let go of any offenses, resentment or bitterness. I declare my destiny is in God’s hand where all things are possible.

I declare this day that I am of great value regardless of how I have felt about myself or what others think or say about me. My value to the Lord was demonstrated on a blood saturated cross and that settles everything. The hairs of my head are numbered. My name is carved in the palm of His hand. I am forever etched in His heart and His thoughts toward me are too numerous to be counted. The plans, dreams and desires of my heart are not and cannot be limited by the success or failure of another man. God is sovereign over my life and my dreams. Therefore, I keep my focus on the Lord and His desire for me which is full of unfailing love and promise…full of mercy and grace.

The birds of the air are of great value to the Lord who created them. How much more valuable am I? Words cannot express and all of eternity will be needed to enable the Lord to share the love He has for me in His heart. Because of this, I choose not to struggle…choose not to try and prove myself or make things happen…choose not to blame others for failing to do the things they promised. Today I place all my dependence on and in the Lord who directs my steps. I forgive all, even my own self and the path before me is clear of all stumbling blocks of offense. I wait on the Lord for the race is already won.

Lord, there is only one opinion of me that will ever truly matter, Yours. Your opinion of me must supersede even my own belief about myself and my value or worth. I am so grateful that You cannot be swayed by what others think or say about me. You aren’t even persuaded by my own self-doubts. You act totally contrary to all the negativity indulged in by myself or others…contrary to all failure on my part…contrary to all the false remunerations of men as You keep covenant with me without missing a beat. You are never persuaded by facts, situations or circumstances outside of Your very own nature to purse me with a relentless, ravished heart of love.

Therefore, I declare I am not abandoned or held to the standard of men, for I was loved, am loved and will be loved for all eternity. I am more valuable than the birds of the air, more beautiful than the lilies which grace the valleys and the fields. I am one who can grow among the thorny actions of men. I grow in green valleys, in lush fields, in harsh places and am adaptable to any environment I am planted in. I do not toil nor do I spin. I simply draw from the vine I abide in, Jesus. I do not have to make things happen. They will flow like living waters out of my relationship to the Lord.

Like the lily, I am clothed in white…my hands are lifted up in adoration, praise and surrender and my heart holds the golden seeds of truth and promise given to me by the Lord. All these things will testify to the goodness of God as my dreams unfold before me to give glory to His name. My faith is in someone greater than me…greater than the promises of men…greater than unfulfilled promises…greater than any success. My faith is in the Lord who is the hope of salvation, healing and deliverance. I shall not be moved. I stand on the Rock and let go of all disappointment, insecurity, expectations, past negative experiences or failures. I put my whole, complete hope in Him who does not disappoint, Jesus. As I do this, the bloom of my life springs forth to declare His love and glory.

Lord, You are my Promise Keeper…the one and only true to the end covenant friend. You are the eternal life promised and given to me before the ages of time began. There is not one syllable of one Word You have spoken that is without power. Every Word you have spoken is fulfillment in and of itself, for Your word is endued with power given to it by You. Even if I am faithless, You are faithful for you cannot deny Yourself and who You are; the beginning, the end and all in between. In light of these truths, please forgive me for somehow believing the facts supersede the truth of Your Word.

Doubt and unbelief have always been at enmity with the power of the Cross. They have always been at enmity with the Word…at enmity with the seed of Christ in me. To think, speak or act as if the Word is limited to the facts or situations we experience gives power to a spirit of doubt and unbelief in unprecedented and brings death, not life. It has been so since the beginning when doubt and unbelief were sewn as seeds in Adam and Eve’s hearts. It is no different now. They were first sown by the Father of all lies; therefore, doubt and unbelief are demonic in nature. They are death.

Therefore, I choose to abandon doubt. I abandon unbelief and choose to resist the devil, submit to the Lord and the devil will flee. Death, hell and the grave have been defeated in my life. I shut the door to all deceptions and lies of the enemy about the true nature of God and the true nature of who I am in Him. I take my own thoughts captive and declare the authority of God’s Word in relation to my whole life as it relates to who I am, what I am to do and who others are as well. I stand in the covenant of God not based on human means or abilities. I stand in the covenant of God based on the truth of His Word which supersedes all other words or actions of men. Today I seize the day and the beauty it holds.

Lord, I cling and hold fast to You, the Word of Truth. I shout from the mountaintops, from the valleys…from every contrary circumstance and from every hindrance to the fulfillment of my promises and say “The Lord reigns and has already done great things on my behalf. He has already established my way and I and I alone make the choice to walk in the path set before me regardless of what I see, hear, feel, or experience contrary to the promise.”

This I know, Your timing is of supreme importance and if I do not walk according to it, I miss the best You have. Many things will be missed and many things will be born before their time when I don’t wait on You….when I try to fulfill promises according to the flesh. I ask for an increase in the gift of discernment to know when to wait and when to move. In the past I have sometimes equated delay as denial and not seen it as Your protection. There are always others connected to the fulfillment of Words You have given me and my delay may be there preparation time. (Good)

Therefore, I choose to see Your timing as a place of rest and preparation…a place to develop trust and grow in anointing for the task ahead. I choose to wait on You. I will not run ahead into a mine field full of the enemies plans to destroy, maim and abort the plan You have for me and others connected with me. As I wait on you, the explosive plans of the enemy are exposed and dismantled.

Lord, I cry out to You as You have asked me to. I cry out for wisdom, understanding and revelation. I cry out for an abiding heart that hears You and walks out Your instruction accordingly. I give You my heavy load in exchange for Your light burden. My roots are growing deep to produce abundant fruit and my leaves…my countenance…my faith do not wither for I have not and will not grow weary…nor shall I faint. I will reap in due season. All things are coming in to maturity in my life, including my character and my hope. I forsake all frustration and embrace the green pasture of rest provided by the Lord. I drink from the still waters of promises given and promises kept. I rest in the original Promise Keeper.

The rain falls from the heavens and waters the earth. As a result, things grow, mature and become fruitful. It is the same with Your Word. Every Word you have given me is full of power and ability…full of the redemptive work of the Cross and brings about the purpose for which it was sent to me. Everything You purpose for Your Word in my life shall be accomplished. Every need is and will be supplied according to the riches in glory in Christ Jesus. You called me from the very beginning…before the worlds were and are trustworthy to keep me according to all You have called me to be.

Therefore, I will not grow weary in doing good…will not grow weary in following Your Word and unction of the Spirit. I will not be one who faints and I will reap in due season according to Your timing. I stand in the confidence of one who is a son of God and heir to salvation. I will be found standing on the day when my promises come into fullness and are manifest before me. I will not be late to my own party. I will not be absent for the manifestation of Your Word to me. The Lord has gone before me this day and every day after to make a way where there is no way. He has gone before me and I will follow His lead.

I do not have to demonstrate some kind of perfection based on my own self-doing, for I am already perfect in Him. Knowing this and walking accordingly gives me rest and takes the pressure of the journey off me and lets it rest on Him. Every word given to me by Him is truth already manifest and is waiting for me to receive it with my own heart that my eyes might see.

Therefore, I seize the day and grab hold of all promised to me. I do not give it over to the birds of the air. The Word promised is my inheritance…my fruit…my destiny. I acknowledge the faithfulness of the Lord; thereby, I experience the fullness of strength, endurance and steadfastness it takes to not grow weary. I stand in the strength of the Lord and receive the refreshing of the Lord…receive the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. When the Lord speaks to me, a promise given is a promise kept and there is no dispute on my behalf. I will not be one who accuses my own self and thereby vacate the seat of honor given to me. The Great Promise Keeper has drawn near to me and I to Him. I am refreshed, renewed and full of expectant hope. I remain standing. Amen…Read Accompanying Love Letter

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