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Breath Of Life 2

Breath Of Life And The Eternal Conversations Of Heaven, Part II

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, I can hear you calling me to walk with You. I will no longer hesitate or ask for You to wait because I am busy taking care of the burdens of the world. I give those burdens to You and follow after You with my whole heart. I follow You into the secret place away from all the distractions in order to become sensitive to the slightest movement as You walk through the garden of my heart.

Thank You for helping me to recognize all misconceptions and distractions which have the power to take me away from the awareness of Your Presence. So many things compete for my time with You. Teach me the secret of being in You no matter what I am doing. Help me to make my time be subject to You and not the other way around. I long to realize there is no limit to Your Presence when it comes to experiencing You. I can have all of You in ever spectrum of my life from the busiest moment to the most restful sleep and all in between. The only limits to experiencing You are the ones I set.

Yes, You are my oasis in the midst of busyness. You are the calm in the midst of all my storms. I learn of You in the quiet and the busy places of my life, for truly You are my sanctuary in the midst of chaos. Thank You for calling me as deep calls to deep…for connecting my heart with Yours in a place of communication too deep for words. I will never hide from You again. I join You to rest and listen, to rest and receive for now and eternity. I hear you knocking and I say, “Come in.”

Father, You are ever mindful that I am made of dust and love me unconditionally. You created Adam and You created me. Just as You declared “It is good” when You created Adam, You declared the same when You formed me in the depths of my mother’s womb. Though I am made of dust, I am a son of God through the shed blood of Christ on the Cross. Christ’s blood took me from dust to glory…from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light and now I am growing in glory, line upon line and precept upon precept.

Thank You for loving me and bestowing sonship upon me through Christ. You know the process of my life, and though I may get discouraged, You never do, for you know the ultimate outcome. I rest in the comfort of Your love for me.

I will practice receiving Your promises, forever believing all that You said is true…believe it is true for me personally and not just for other people. I will practice spending wordless moments with You focusing on Your Word and allowing Your perfect work to take place in me. I look to Your abilities and not my own to accomplish Your will in my life as I rest in Your promises Father. I rest in You.

Lord, I will write the vision that I might not be discouraged in troublesome days. I will listen and obey. Truly, You have instructed me to write the words You have spoken to me, and they are of great importance…they are life to my very bones.

Let the reality of how our conversations are eternal penetrate my belief system until it aligns with You, for the consequences and benefits are eternal. Though I am forgiven, what I do can have a positive or negative effect in the lives of others. I desire only the positive. Much time is wasted trying to undo wrong things when it could be used to build others up the way You do so for me.

Help me Lord to follow through, and to not allow any distractions to keep me from obeying You. I hear Your call to write or even sing the words of Your heart. Doing so will save me frustration and heart ache later when the battle rages…when fear, doubt and unbelief try to take my thoughts captive. I will review and speak what has been written in order to stand.

Yes Lord, I will stand up and speak. I will stand up and declare the Word of the Lord and the enemy will be defeated. As I declare the Word, You go before me and accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. I will declare all You have said and the crooked way will be made straight before me and the rough way will be made smooth. Today I stand in a large place of safety in You.

Lord, I bless you for the illustration of the pearl of great price. Help me to understand the deeper meaning of this and the willingness to sell all to purchase the “one.” There is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for another…than for a man to give all he has for another. This You have done for me even with the possibility I would not value Your sacrifice. The Kingdom of Heaven is like the pearl of great price. It is worth everything and I am worth everything to You.

Help me to see my own value with according to Your truth…according to how I look in Your eyes. A pearl is a pearl and a child is a child. I am your child no matter where I am or what I look like. Simply stated, I am yours.

Words cannot convey the joy I experience because I know and experience Your great and enduring love. It is hard to understand how Your love for me isn’t given to me based on performance. Performance is the way of the fickle world and can disappear in an instant. It is not so with You. Once a pearl…always a pearl.

Today I bless You with the obedience of My heart and life in the confidence of who I am in You as I help others to see the beauty of Your garden…as I help others to see themselves as pearls of beauty and great price nestled in the fields of Your heart. May the garden I am and the pearl I represent shine with beauty and emanate the fragrance of Your beauty, drawing many fields of Your heart.

Lord God, I praise You for You are the Master Gardener of all time. The first garden was created by you for the habitation of man. All attention and care was given to the formation of the earth and creation demonstrated the beauty of Your heart for the universe to see.

Your heart overflows and pours out fountains of glory and fragrance…pours out verdant shades and hues of color…pours out sounds and shapes representing every aspect of Your multi-faceted being until the whole earth blooms in diverse arrays of color, sound and light. All of time is infused with Your glorious essence.

Though You created all these things it was not enough…though roses and lilies were arraigned in beauty greater than that of all the kings of the earth it was not enough…you wanted me…desired to be with me and prepared a way for me. Out of the muck and mire of a world given to sin, you plucked me…you plucked me out of its midst to prune me, train me and arrange me like a bouquet of many colors, sounds and smells. You called me your pearl of great price before there was a day in my mother’s womb. You loved me before I ever was and chose to make me a portion of Your heart.

You created me and You know how to prune me in order to make me to grow into the most fruitful and beautiful creation You designed me to become a reflection of your image and glory when you first breathed the breath of life into Adam…when you first spread out the starry host.

Good and trustworthy One, please trim and prune me into whatever shape you desire. Make me a bush where others come to rest or make me one who trails along tight and parallel ways. The choice is Yours and I submit to it. I am listening and I am willing to work together with You to make my garden grow in the ways of Your heart and Your desire. I will not give up when my fruit is not visible or when all things look dead to the eye. I will continue on to take care of all You have given me as I co-labor with You. I am your garden. I am your pearl of great price and You are mine.

I am listening to You Lord. I desire to work together with You to make my garden grow in the way You desire it to be. I will not give up on that which seems to have no fruit; I will continue to take care of that which you have given me charge over in the garden. I love You Lord. Amen…Read Accompanying Love Letter

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