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Covenant, New Life, Favor

For I will be leaning toward you with favor and regard for you, rendering you fruitful, multiplying you, and establishing and ratifying My covenant with you And you shall eat the [abundant] old store of produce long kept, and clear out the old [to make room] for the new. (Leviticus 26:9-10 Amplified)

Father, it is hard not to lean on my own understanding. Yet as I look upon You and Your awesome beauty, I realize I cannot comprehend how wonderful and mighty You really are. I realize I am truly made in Your image and that is unexplainable. I grasp for words to describe the love in my heart for all that You have done. I too am a partaker of the breath You breathed into Your first creation.

When You said all You created was good it included me though I was not yet born. This is something I long to have a deeper revelation of…to know beyond a shadow of doubt. To do so will change how I see not only myself but everyone else.

What an amazing thing to know You knew me before the foundations of the earth. It is hard to believe the reality of Your love and acceptance when I know of all my imperfections and flaws; yet, You loved me so much that You redeemed me from my sins.

Help me to walk in a deeper revelation of the goodness You declare over me, because I am Your workmanship in Christ Jesus. Help me to understand Your special love language…the language of the heart. May I see what You see and understand what You saw so long ago without qualification.

Father, I will not fear what You reveal to me for I know You are Love. Your eyes are fixed on me and My eyes are fixed upon You. Just as an eagle locks talons with its mate as they fall through the air in an act of complete trust, I lock my heart with Yours in one accord. I lock my heart with Yours in the bonds of trust never to be released. As we walk together in the intimate places in the secret Garden of our love, I will see all the beauty of who You are, and who You are making me. I receive the visions of Your heart for me.

Please forgive me for believing any lies about You…for doubting Your faithfulness because of my own failings or the unfaithfulness of others. I understand the enemies desire to steal, kill and destroy all with which You have blessed me. This is nothing new. However, because of Your loving words of affirmation, I am more aware of the enemy’s actions in this endeavor. Believing his accusations causes me to plant seeds of doubt and unbelief which lead to hopelessness. Hope in you Lord, does not disappoint. I choose to stay my mind on You and the fruitfulness of Your undying love. There is no other way…nothing else is profitable.

Help me to continue to be aware of the enemy’s devices. I understand he will attempt to sabotage, undermine and destabilize any and all areas of my life if he can. I see the world being shaken, and the destabilization of our economy as well as our government. This can easily give way to fear should I take my eyes off of You and the truth of Your word. Yes, my eyes are set on You Lord. In the midst of darkness, You translated me into the Kingdom of Light and call me a son of God created to bring forth fruit.

Thank You for helping me to walk in the Spirit and not after the flesh, enabling me to bring forth one hundred-fold fruit. May my garden reflect the beauty of the Perfect Gardener, as You prune away all that is unfruitful. How I desire to bring You Glory in all I do and say. How I desire to walk according to all You already know I am. Therefore, I will cooperate with You to bring to the surface all hidden things capable of producing bad fruit. Manifest and destroy every work of the enemy in my life. Enable me…strengthen me that I may walk in Your perfect will all my days…that my whole heart be surrendered for Your service.

Father, I praise You for providing seed for the sower and bread for eating…for providing all I could ever possibly need to bring about an abundant harvest in my life. I cherish the seeds You provide and plant them in the good soil of my heart. As a result, I will produce fruit that glorifies You from a pure heart forever submitted to the truth of Your Word. I realize how important it is to purposefully plant the seeds of truth in my heart in a proper way that they may be multiplied according to Your truth and not my flesh. Out of the abundance of harvest, I can share Your love with those You send me to.

The Word planted in the good soil of my heart and mind will cause me…make me to recognize the enemy of my soul and all his tactics…will cause me recognize doubt and unbelief in my heart as he whispers “Hath God said”?

Help me to see and know where I have planted wrong seeds so I may confess and repent…so I may speak death to all his plans before a harvest is produced. I will guard my heart and only allow the seeds of truth and wisdom given to me to be planted in the garden of my heart. Thank You for creating me with the ability to multiply. I choose to multiply goodness and truth to glorify You in my life.

Father, it is an awesome thought to know You not only created Heaven and Earth for my habitation, but You created me as an exquisite habitation for You…created me as a temple to house Your glorious Presence. How amazing this is. My heart longs to fathom the depth of Your great love and Your willingness to live in me.

Thank You for creating an intimate place where we can share our hearts…a place of relationship and confidence where we can express the truest language of all, the mutual expression of devoted love. You have given me the gift of free will. You allow me to choose to respond to Your call and Your loving embrace. No matter how I respond, you still love me; therefore, I am motivated to react in positive ways, taking all You have promised at face value. I believe and I receive.

Lord, help me to walk in complete freedom and not in a performance based mentality. Relationship with You is built on the accepting the Cross of Christ and all it means. You thought I was worth dying for therefore, I choose to walk in a manner which demonstrates You are worth living for. I choose to enter into a renewed covenant with You today, knowing You rescued me from darkness and placed me into the Kingdom of Your Son. I praise You knowing there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for You triumph over the law of sin and death. It is truly awesome to know that I cannot be loved any more than I am right now. No more performance, for it is by the Cross I am saved. I am free to be me, the creation of God You have made me to be. Amen…Read Accompanying Love Letter

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