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Lion Of Judah

Lion Of Judah, Fresh Bread Of Heaven Prayer of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, I glorify You for You are worthy, worthy to open the book. You are the great Lion of the tribe of Judah. Thank You for inviting me to ride with You. For truly in You and in You alone am I safe. Therefore, I desire to abandon all I have trusted in and cling to You.

Help me to walk consistently in Your discernment, as I feed on Your word, that I would not deceive myself and fall into apathy. Protect me from being lulled into deception, thinking nothing could possibly harm me where I am. I understand that we live in a corrupt and evil world, and predators are looking for those they can attack. You are my Deliverer, my Rock, and my Fortress.

I will not forget what You have already done for me, or where I have come from. Truly You have rescued me from the kingdom of darkness and brought me into the Kingdom of Light. I will praise You for all eternity with a thankful heart. I will bury my face in the mane of Your presence, fearing no one or anything for You are with me. Thank You that You never leave me nor forsake me, even if I cannot feel You or sense You at times. Today Lord, I come to ride with You and praise You. I will thank You forever; Roar over my life.

Purify my heart and cleanse me of any unrighteous thoughts which lead to murmuring and complaining. I give You all my praise and thanksgiving for the continual work You are doing in me. Thank You Lord that I am Your workmanship, and therefore I can trust in the complete work You are doing in me.

I give You all thanks for that which You alone can do, for I know that without You I can do nothing. I repent of any thoughts and actions I have engaged in which try and draw me away from a thankful heart. I praise You for the reality of You are; the Living Bread sacrifice and given to me. I receive You and the fresh manna of Heaven with a thankful heart as I release the old stale bread I have clung to for so long. Thank You for the fresh Manna of Heaven…fresh manna only You can provide.

I give You thanks Lord, for I know You are my all and all. I acknowledge You in all I do, and I praise You for You establish my thoughts. Godliness with contentment is great gain and I have great gain in You. I thank You for the ability to be content in the midst of trials and tribulations with the faith that You are with me in the storms of life as well as in the good times.

Lord I can count it all joy, no matter what the circumstance I face for I know You never leave me nor forsake me. I will follow where You lead, as we travel this journey called life. Teach me to follow Your ways, cloud by day or fire by night. As I follow You, increase my discernment to be aware of the unseen things that would desire to bite and devour me. Give me the wisdom to know how to deal with all that You reveal to me. I let patience have its perfect work in me, praising You in the midst of the trying of my faith, knowing in the end I will lack nothing.

Father, I thank You for eyes to see all that I need to see. I praise You for my renewed vision it this day and hour. Help me to adjust my focus quickly to see at a new level. Increase my discernment to its highest capacity. Change my willingness and ability that I may respond quickly to Your voice.

As I abide in You and ride with You, my instincts will be increased to discern every enemy of my soul. Learning from the observations of a lion, I see how timing and patience is of utmost importance. I will listen and wait on Your leading to proceed where in times past I have jumped ahead of Your timing. I wait on You Lord and I rest.

Thank You for teaching me what it means to rest in You, and that rest is actionable. Although a lion rests it is ever alert to everything around it. Lord, thank You for helping me to come among the reeds and grasses of Your presence as I enter into Your rest and experience Your love, peace and joy

Thank You Lord for being my Savior and for being the Lion of Judah that always guards over me. I can never praise You enough. You are my refuge and my strength. In Your presence there is everlasting joy. As I abide in You, I have eyes to see with discernment and understanding so I am prepared for whatever comes. Thank You for the confidence to know that I will prevail because I abide in You. Help me to set aside all the busyness that is continually draining me, and help me stop and rest in You. Truly I reap what I sow, therefore help me Lord to sow rest as I enter into the joy of You Lord. Amen…Read Accompanying Love Letter

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