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Separating Darkness II

Separating The Darkness Two – A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Thank you for your encouragement Lord. I so needed it today. There are things I have possessed and now they seem to have gone by the wayside. My attempts to recover have been hard and many times I have given up, abdicated and walked away hoping for a better day. Sometimes I have even looked at myself and felt I deserved what I was experiencing. I let the enemy build fences, and even at times buildings, on my land or in my heart.

Therefore, I choose this day…yes…this day, to walk in the light of Your Word to me. I have been limited in my vision and thought it was all about me in so many ways. I have been so focused on self that I have forgotten it is about Your glory…Your plan and always has been. It isn’t about me. It is about the bigger picture—the cosmos—the world and all it contains.

May I light the earth like Your stars light the night sky and proclaim Your glory in whatever I do or where ever I go. I receive another portion of Your revelation today, as shafts of Your revelation light penetrate my being. Even now, darkness is separating off my thinking—separating off my seeing and yes, off my believing.

Lord, please forgive me for the many times I have submitted to my own desire and will rather than Yours. Yes, I so long to be found faithful in the little things of life as well as the big. Sometimes the little things are harder for they are more frequently required to be acted upon. If not acted upon little by little, then the molehills of my life become like mountains. Mountains are harder to take back from the enemy than a molehill which can be kicked over very easily.

Father, I must admit I never thought about You being pleased with Jesus prior to all the miracles He did. I know You were, however; I never put it in this context. Imagine You being pleased with me even when I am doing nothing. Truly obedience is better than sacrifice.

Therefore, I choose to be in submission to Your overall purpose and to Your individual purpose in word and deed. In all of this, still I am not required to perform for Your love. All is birthed out of sonship…friendship. I am Your friend.

All You have given to me and will give to me is given with great pleasure…is given just because you love me. How wonderful to know that I am loved unconditionally by You. I am Your daughter…Your son. I am simply Yours and nothing else matters. I am loved just because it is Your great pleasure to do so. I receive by faith and I agree that I am your valiant, victorious one. I am Your friend and we have access to one another’s hearts. You are my great love and I am Yours.

Father, old things have passed away in my life and the new has come. I refuse to look at them any longer except to allow for the manifest presence of Christ to destroy any vestige or fragment left over capable of coming against Your purposes and plans for my life. Instead of focusing on the lack I so often see in myself I choose to I set my face like flint and press on. Yes, I press on to a higher calling. I press on to a higher vision…a vision born of Your heart for me and all those I love. Once again, I confess that it is not about me. It is all about You…it is all about Kingdom. It is about restoration of all things and You have given me a part to play. I am taking dominion of all you have given me charge of. I am not insignificant to the plans and purposes You wish to accomplish on the Earth.

Nothing is too grand, for nothing is impossible with You including my life and its struggles or my purpose in reference to those I love and Your will for all involved. Your light is here with me right now and I am in full reception of it. Revelation is around me and in me at every level for You dwell in me. All my senses are captivated by Your heart…by your friendship as You dispense revelation and truth according to the Word. I live…I breathe…I walk…and take dominion in You.

Like the song words, ‘On a clear day you can see forever” I can see. The eyes of my understanding are opened. Revelation and wisdom flow from You to me. As Moses passed away— as John the Baptist passed away and made way for a new thing so my old ways pass away. I receive the Light of Your Word and I exchange all the lies I believe in exchange for Your truth. In doing this, I will come to embrace the full identity of a life hidden in You…a life set apart for your glory.

Lord I am indeed new and I am becoming new each and every day. The veil is rent and I have access to see You and Your plans for me. As I embrace Your Word I am not afraid of failure nor am I unqualified. You and You alone have made me qualified. You alone are my Strong tower…my Refuge and I receive all You have to give, for surely my cup overflows with rivers of the Living Water that flows from your heart—from Your throne.

Lord, I choose to arise for my faith is an overcoming faith. Old things are even now continuing to pass away and I am new…I am completely fulfilled in You. The only power the opinions of others have over me is what I give them and I choose to give credence to only what You say in Your Word. My destiny…my purpose are fulfilled by You and my submission to Your truth. My destiny is fulfilled in and by you as I, like Paul. choose to allow the scales of hindrance which include unbelief, unforgiveness, pride or any other sin fall away as I receive mercy and grace…mercy and grace for myself and for those around me. I embrace a life full of the demonstration of power in Your name. Promised Land here I am.

Be still my heart. O’ the love I feel at the very thoughts You have expressed. It seems I cannot contain the immensity of Your love. To be Your resting place is more than I could desire, more than I can imagine, yet, You say it is so. To have the security and hope as You reside in my heart…as You call me your home. You are indeed the head and I am the body to carry out all You desire and have planned for me. What an amazing analogy…what an amazing picture…to see my heart as a place for You to rest Your head which makes up all Your thoughts, desires and dreams. I am privileged indeed. I would have it no other way. Teach me to be so very aware of Your presence so that I never take You for granted.(good)

I must come into agreement with the depth of this truth of being Your resting place. I must know the fullness of being one as You and the Father are one. Open my heart…open my senses, as You promised before. Open them down to the very cellular level…to my very DNA.

Come and infuse the nerves of my being and make them receptive to Your immense expression of love. I declare that Your resting place…I am a place You call home. You are the head and I am the body. We move in unison together to accomplish great purpose and destiny.

Teach me Holy Spirit to understand and walk in the fullness of this great truth. Your Word to me creates more motivation to release all that hinders, holds back, or entices me. I am Your habitation…Your resting place and I am indeed a good thing. I am Your favorite one. Amen

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