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Sweet Nectar

The Sweet Nectar Of God’s Word, A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, I receive the sweet nectar of Your Word. It settles down around my heart and flows into the hidden places of dryness like fresh spring water. It coats my heart like thick honey from the Rock. I declare that my eyes are beholding You in a whole new way. I am able to see into the realms of Your glory and presence that have been reserved for me in this day. Metamorphosis is taking place with every breath I breathe. My heart responds to Your wooing of Love.

I receive Your goodness—Your kindness which flows to me from the depths of Your heart. The gates of purpose and destiny are swinging wide open. Favor, blessing and honor are mine as I dwell in You. All that has been stolen is being returned multiplied unto me. Spring is arising in my heart. The Son is shining and the rain of Your presence is softening the soil of my heart. I am being made new. Flowers of provision in every area of my life are popping up just as I need them. I am being prepared to fly. Spring is here and my love is awakened.

Lord, teach me to see You in every circumstance. Open the eyes of my heart to see with great faith—to see what You see when You look beyond the struggles I experience as I try to walk out this life You have given me. Sometimes I look at my life and I don’t see myself having been placed in the garden of Your love and care

Always remind me to put You in remembrance of the Word you have spoken to me. Let faith arise with wings of hope and expectation and I will mount up and fly into the promises, into the purposes you have for me with great delight. For You are indeed multiplying me in every way. Struggles surrendered break me free. I envelope myself within the comfort of Your presence as I would snuggle into a warm coat on a cold day. All is unfolding and love is truly awakening within me. All is falling away. I can fly.

Help me to see the beautiful colors that are so intricately being woven into the very fabric of my life. Your very life flows through the veins of my being and I am being made like You. Teach me to never worry or be afraid. Teach me to rest among the active moving of Your Spirit in my heart, to be patient and wait on Your timing. Timing is everything and I must trust You when all seems delayed. I must trust You to show me if there are things in my heart and life which hinder me and keep me cocooned, keep me from walking in the fullness of blessing.

Lord, thank You for lifting the reproach of men and circumstances off my life and heart. I invite You into every deep or hidden place within me and say, “Have Your way!” More than anything, I want to be completely free to be who You have made me to be. I release all people who have disdained me, hurt me or wounded me in any way. Please bring each one to my remembrance that I might lay down the ugly colors of unforgiveness down forever. I release them that they might be free also. Every accusation of the enemy melts like wax in the flame of Your presence.

The very essence of who You made me to be is awakening like the rising of the dawn. This is a new day, and I embrace it. I give You all my excuses. I lay aside every hindrance. I receive restoration of all things stolen from me. Draw me continually into Your presence to receive. Never let me forsake My time with You in favor of leftover strands and filaments of my old cocoon. Let it blow away never to be revisited. I receive divine appointments and circumstances without fears of inadequacy for I am one who expresses You in a unique and beautiful way. I come into Your presence and I drink deeply. Fill me, enable me, comfort me, and I will do likewise (2 Corinthians 1:4). The best part of my life is now and to come. Old things have passed away and gardens are prepared to drink from and to impart to. The best is here. I am free and I open my wings to fly. I am flying…Read Accompanying Love Letter

In Jesus Name


Posted in Prayers on Apr 30th, 2008, 8:32 pm by admin   

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